Freight Management software for shippers  

What does team do? provides the state of the art shipping platform where carriers shippers meet to solicit and receive freight services.

In order to deliver the best product several things must happen:

1. The solution must solve the business problem best, i.e.,. deep understanding of the business area is a must. has been in Freight Software for over 10 years.

2. Must incorporate the best of breed/benchmark practices: - keep abreast of the process innovations. has six sigma black belts with domain knowledge in freight and related areas conducting the design along with freight professionals.

3. Must utilize the best of breed technology: -technology as a productivity lever. Our team has won IBM’s prestigious technology award for Java and new technology deployment.

4. Best of breed methodology - methodology of development life cycle, process engineering and programming. utilizes the new system development life cycle methodology (SSDLC).

5. Best service: every customer interaction counts, and there can be no quality errors when it comes to customer satisfaction. deploys quality experts to design the customer interactions. 

Truly outstanding service experience, that is the goal of the Team.